Online Business – The Biggest Mistakes Made And How To Correct Them To Earn Money Online

You are excited about your online business? You have been considering this a long time, and now you are a proud business owner. Many new entrepreneurs, go aimlessly around trying to create their new found success. Without a realistic plan of action for your online business your excitement can soon turn to frustration.Your ready to earn money online, that is why you joined an online business. But their are many mistakes that new entrepreneurs can make in there urgency to be in positive cash flow. While its agreed getting you in positive cash flow as quickly as possible is important. It is equally important to do it the right way.Here is a list of – Mistakes new Entrepreneurs make with an online business, and easy solutions.1.) Capture Page – If you have an online business you will need a capture page, sometimes called a splash page. This is not an option this is a must. The purpose of the capture page is called permission marketing. When a potential client submits there information to your page they will receive personal updates about your online business. The biggest mistake you can make is sending them to your main website first. Always market your capture page. Many new entrepreneurs miss this important fundamental piece. They end up potentially losing hundreds of potential clients.2.) Sales Letters – Sales letters goes along with capture pages. I am sure you receive offers and updates in your email. This is the same thing. You will want an autoresponder that sends out professionally written sales letters to your potential buyer. Its been seen where entrepreneurs are having no correspondences with their visitors. That is not going to assist in your sales conversions.3.) Online Marketing – Online Marketing is the core of any online business. You have a nice flashy website? Big deal if it doesn’t get seen. Marketing is a course in itself. The biggest mistake you can make is not researching marketing companies. It may promise you a high conversion of sales but you are going to want to do you research on each company.In addition I see entrepreneurs putting all their eggs in one basket. Meaning they are using only one marketing source. Marketing is not about one magical source. Its about spreading your website across the Internet. Use free methods of marketing, and paid versions to double your exposure.4.) Prioritize – Having a to do list is great. But new entrepreneurs will sometimes do things that is not necessary. Take the time to prioritize what is important and needs to be done today and what can hold off till tomorrow. Remember you want to get your business started off properly so follow the fundamentals.5.) Verbal Vomit – This is not a pretty terminology. But it what I call when new entrepreneurs try to explain there online business. They babble and babble and give no facts about the business. It usually will turn your clients off similar to the terminology. My suggestion if you do not have to explain the opportunity, try not to. Don’t feel bad this is a skill that can be developed with time. Its early in your career, give yourself a break. Ask your mentor to help you out. Most good mentors will assist you until you feel comfortable answering questions.6.) Educating On Business – This goes with Mistake 5. You get so excited about earning money with your online business that you don’t properly educate yourself on your business. That’s why it is hard to explain it. Take some time and educate yourself fully on your product or service. Understand the fundamentals of your online business, how you are paid, the compensation plan, how the product and service will benefit you, and how the company support operates.This step is so commonly missed. The idea of money over clouds the business. A strong business owner knows their business inside and out.7.) Website – Start looking into originality. You were probably given a website with your business. Consider getting your own website. Everyone else has this website. Its always beneficial to set your self apart from the rest of the marketers online8.) Marketing Education – Get some education on marketing. If you were going to be a doctor or lawyer you would need trainings. Its not different with online business.Its a good idea to check with your mentor to see what free marketing trainings they have for you to utilize. You invested in your online business, keeping expenses low until you earn money is important.9.) Missed Trainings – If your online business, or mentor offer trainings attend when ever possible. If you can’t make it see if they record for later use.New entrepreneurs who don’t attend trainings and get the support can be the biggest mistake to not only starting your business today but having it hold longevity.10.) Get With Your Mentor – Having a good working relationship with your mentor can be a benefit to you. If you are having problems to do not go at it alone. Get a hold of the person who brought you into the program. He or she can help you.The mistake is if you go at an online business alone many more mistakes can be made. Its okay to ask questions. Asking questions is what will allow you to not make as many mistakes. There are no dumb questions in business.This is a list of biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs will make upon starting their online business. You are excited and ready to market your online business, but taking the time to do it the right way will help you to make your online marketing strategies work for you and not against you. Creating an online business is not a marathon. will you make mistakes? Yes, but learn from your mistakes and build your online business the smart way not the wrong way.

Real Estate Law and China’s Property Bubble Discussed

Even though the global economic crisis has ended, and the recession in the United States seems to have ended, and as we move towards a very slow recovery, still we are not out of the woods yet when it comes to real estate. And our authorities who are engaged in regulating the banks and the industry are not done getting to the bottom of which companies caused the problem either. In fact, they are still out investigating some of the largest corporations and banks in America.Likewise, with huge number of foreclosure cases in the court system it is compounding the problem. Some banks are paying hundreds of million dollars in fines for filing foreclosure papers through contracted legal firms without the proper paperwork. But if you think real estate law in the United States is complicated after the last recessionary economic crisis, you’d be very interested to know that we are not alone here in our country. In fact, after the global economic crash the United States and China both spent huge amounts of money in stimulus to prop up their economies.In China the central bank lent money to regional banks and municipal vehicles to prop up the construction industry, and a lot of that money went into real estate projects. People invested in these projects; apartments, business buildings, factories, and all sorts of other projects, and China created a real estate bubble due to all the money that was poured in. Unfortunately most of that money will never be recouped, and many of those loans have already gone bad, and those local banks are trying to hide the fact.Meanwhile, everyone who invested is watching the property values drop like a rock, and they are losing most of the money they thought they had gained as the bubble got bigger and bigger. Will those people be able to sue the government for creating this property bubble, or the banks for propping up or even misrepresenting what was going on? No, in China you’re not allowed to sue the government, and they don’t have the same types of real estate laws that we have here.Unfortunately, there were many investment banks from the United States which also got in on the action, and actually helped increase the building of that bubble, some of which have already gotten their money out, and others still have their money in and they are losing it. Those wealthy investors involved will also lose millions of dollars along with the hundreds of millions, in some cases billions of dollars being lost by US-based investment banks. Perhaps what the world needs is some international real estate laws that everyone can agree to globally. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on.